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Solar Solutions - Real Estate - Digital Funding -
Digital Marketing - Digital Franchise 


Why you are wellcome here

My name is Peter Schless

I have been working as an entrepreneur in the real estate sector for 25 years, and we have had to reinvent ourselves and be innovative countless times.


We are constantly challenged to adapt to new framework conditions.We are driven by the sustainable management of existing properties, the preservation of value and the securing and creation of affordable, sustainable living space.

In these challenging times, not only an internationally active service / group of companies with different services has been created, but also a large network of more than 200 ImmoExpert partners who combine competences like passion.

We know from our daily business that companies / owners are confronted with many problems: the energy transition, financing problems with real estate, sales, and the implementation of exit strategies. 
These hubs are now bundled with their specialist partners under the umbrella of ImmoExperten. 

We have always seen globalisation as an opportunity; the networking of partners and services can, for example, compensate for a shortage of skilled workers and show the way to solving previously identified difficulties.

As real estate experts, we see the needs of our clients, we identify difficulties and opportunities, create solutions and are a link between owners – funds – service providers – investors – industry – production or service. We divide this connection into so-called hub units. 

Real Estate Consulting HUB-Financing/ Funding HUB-Green- Energy HUB- / Redevelopment HUB / Investors HUB /Marketing Financing / Crowdfunding Partner HUB Digital / Call Centre- IT HUB- Development Fintech/ Blockchain HUB


Our USP is to provide you with the right instrument with our ImmoExperts like an expensive toolbox.

In doing so, we break new ground, ask uncomfortable questions and constantly question ourselves and our partners – we promise never to be satisfied and to commit to ongoing training and development. Do you like it too? It's Time to join us now, let's grow together  

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Immo-Expert Partners


Partner Area

You can access the necessary content and developments by logging into the partner area.

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Explore Immo-Expert Partners

In the following years, every analog company will also have to offer a digital business model. Bad news? If you start now, you're actually too late.


Why is that?  Achieving digital visibility requires money, time, and knowledge.  


The good news, you can benefit from our international connections.

ImmoEx offers your business and team a range of options while providing frictionless, creative, and outstanding opportunities.

Why You Should Have a Digital Business?


Let's make the world a little better
90% of buildings need to be renovated 
90% of buildings offer potential for Solar 
Our partnership with DSG Group allows you to earn money on every recommended measure completely Automatically

Funding Service

Partner with us for access to new networks, connections, and business models. Explore options to expand creatively. Elevate your business visibility through our robust digital marketing support.

Project Purchase

We're searching for Projects and Off market Opportunities 25 Years of Investment Experience and a Track Record of 350 Sales  in all Assettclass 

Marketing / Design Video Production 

We live in the media age, offers should be built digital app compatible. We are excited about your recommendations, suggestions, new partners. 

Kapital / Projects 

As you can see on our projects page we have ongoing demand for the mediation of capital, projects. Both for projects / funding and especially for capital, good commissions are paid.

Investors Relation be a part of us 

Our Platform Project is amazing, and your Profit will be also amazing.
Finance Education, Digital Marketing, Fintech and an Investment Community meets Green Tech and international regulated Investments 

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You can apply for partnership by contact us.

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