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Customer Comments

Mehmet Cem Tuncel

ESP Immobilien GmbH / General Manager

ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

Peter and his team have lead us to achieve bridge financing for our real-estate project through Crowdfunding, with a professional and competent approach. They have been always hands on, and delivered us the results in a timely manner, communicating in every strep efficiently. We will continue to cooperate with them in our future endeavors, and recommend anyone to do the same.

Petra R.


ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

Herr Schless ist absolut zu empfehlen. Sehr kompetent und hilfsbereit. Problemlose Abwicklung. Viel Erfolg weiterhin...

Constantin Richter

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

Hervorragende Leistung, Abwicklung in kurzem Zeitraum und Einhaltung der gesetzten Ziele.
Reibungsloser Ablauf, kompetente Fachkräfte!

Mehr als Empfehlenswert.

Jakob Petersen

Blockchain Experte

ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

Great team! Great atmosphere, I enjoy working with, great investments opportunities for everyone! So easy, fast and profitable!



ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

Thomas Wurm Vorstand


ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

"Mr. Schless is a top market participant with a profound knowledge, which comes into play especially in difficult constellations.our company as well as I privately could already benefit from his closing power and team energy.we would like to thank him for the longstanding cooperation and look forward to its continuation."

Dominik Dohren

MatchmyEstate CEO

ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

“We have already been able to successfully finance a number of projects with Mr. Schless. The communication and cooperation was excellent. Mr. Schless was always a competent contact person and key figure right through to the payment. The speed and the ability to find solutions, even in complicated matters, deserve special mention. For other financing issues, Mr. Schless will continue to be our contact. We look forward to further, trusting cooperation”

Michael C Wisser


ortalama puan 5 5 üzerinden

"Mr. Schless is a competent and pleasant contact person, and the family and the companies have been able to benefit from his expertise and good network and make purchases on several occasions. Due to the many years of cooperation, we can recommend Mr. Schless without any reservations."

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